Results With Power Up Wedge

Max Semler (MLB Scout)

I've been a scout for many years and one thing we always look for is how a player utilizes his back side when pitching or hitting. This is a skill that is very difficult for younger players to understand and the new Power Wedge provides the tool to help the athlete increase bat speed, increase hitting power, increase velocity throwing, and overall help the player become more complete as an athlete.

When I go to observe a high end prospect I am amazed with the fast results I see when I ask the player to use the wedge. I see guys sitting at 91-92 mph and put the wedge on for 15 pitches to feel what its supposed to feel like on that back side and when they remove the wedge their velocity increase to 93-94 mph, its a great tool to see immediate results in pitching velocity and hitting power.

Tommy Hernandez (Dallas Tigers)

This is a fantastic hitting device to allow hitters to understand the backside of the swing. Its easy to use and the results are fast. Its also great for pitchers to use and develop proper mechanics for loading on their back leg. I'm going to try and get all my players using the Power Up Wedge and take their game to the next level. The wedge is great because it works for all ages and all skill levels.

"The Dallas Tigers have an alumni list of players currently playing in colleges and universities throughout the United States and in the professional ranks. The majority of graduating Dallas Tigers over recent years have received Division I college baseball scholarships."

Ryan Graves Pitching Coach University of Kansas

The most difficult part of the pitching delivery to teach, and for pitchers to grasp, is to get the lower body in a position of power. The Power Up Wedge puts your pitchers in a great position automatically. I have tried many methods and training aids to get pitchers to feel their lower body in a power position, and nothing has come close to the results of the Power Up Wedge. I recommend it for all levels.

Ron Wolforth CEO Texas Baseball Ranch

"Every young baseball player in America and Canada it seems is told my his coaches, instructors, teammates and parents that he could get a lot more out of his hips and his legs. And that advice is overwhelmingly correct. Very few amateur and professional players approach their optimal use of their posterior chain. The problem is the teachers and tools available to lead/instruct/guide the average player to feel how to utilize his lower half is scarce. The tool that Steve Gossett has created is absolutely remarkable in several ways in assisting with that process. First, it is so functional and portable and can be used almost anywhere. Second, the Power Wedge™ is absolutely exceptional at placing the feet/ankle in the positions where the athlete can immediately FEEL a far better organization and recruitment. And Third, at the Texas Baseball Ranch we often utilize bulky platforms and inclines to recreate the feel we want and Steve's simple and brilliant devise allows flexibility and convenience and for our athletes to take it home where the real work is always done. Bravo Steve! I love what you've done here."

Keith Weinhold, Physical Therapist

I have used the Power Up Wedge in the rehabilitation of overhead athletes, specifically baseball players, to facilitate lower body and hip involvement in throwing. One of the main causes for painful shoulders and elbows in the overhead athlete is the lack of involvement of the lower extremities in throwing which significantly increases forces through the shoulder and arm. The Power Up Wedge is a great tool for shifting the body into the proper weight bearing position as the leg is lifted. The athlete can feel the back leg load and notices more power through the hips immediately. The athlete can quickly transfer this motor pattern to their throwing and begin decreasing stresses through the upper extremities.

Lisa Dodd UNLV Head Softball

We have only been using the wedge for about a week and a half but I can already see the impact it's having on my hitters. They are able to get immediate feedback with the wedge and each hitting session with it continues to improve our balance, posture, and body awareness. They like it so much they are asking me to use it at practice, I don't even have to remind them! And the best part is that each day we continue to find more uses for it, from improving overhand throwing to pitching!